Arkham Horror - The Card Game (English)

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Return to the evolving cooperative card game Horror in Arkham, in a revised version for 1 to 4 players.

Arkham Horror: The Card Game, a game of investigation

Arkham Horror is an evolving, cooperative card game in which players take on the role of investigators who work together to unravel conspiracies and esoteric mysteries, while individually seeking to vanquish the personal demons that haunt their past. Each player takes on the role of a single investigator and builds a deck around that character's abilities.
The story takes place in the town of Arkham, Massachusetts. A small group of investigators are on the hunt to uncover the true nature of a terrible threat that threatens all of humanity.

The arcane realm holds many horrors. The investigators will have to follow their investigation while maintaining a tenuous grip on their sanity to survive.

Arkham Horror: The Card Game, a scenario-based game

A series of interconnected scenarios create a narrative campaign within which a larger mystery is unraveled. In each scenario, investigators traverse and explore a number of threatening locations, search for clues to advance the story, and attempt to avoid or defeat the terrible forces of the Mythos.
As the campaign progresses, each investigator gains experience and insight, which allows them to grow by adding new and higher level cards to their deck.

Arkham Horror: The Card Game, a cooperative game

Throughout the game, players will have a variety of choices to make. Investigators will be encouraged to work together and plan what they plan to accomplish in each round. Although investigators can plan their turns collectively, each player retains full authority over the actions his or her own investigator takes.

Arkham Horror: The Card Game: An Evolving Game

New cards and adventures will be released at a regular rate in future expansions to make Arkham Horror an evolving game. Players will be able to customize the contents of this basic box and create their own decks.

A game campaign has several phases:
  •     Investigation phase: the investigators are at the heart of the game. The choices they make depend on the situation and the investigator in question.
  •     Enemies phase: Enemies are after the investigators who can be attacked at any time!
  •     Maintenance Phase: Heroes and opponents take stock and prepare for the next round.
  •     Myth Phase: Occult forces are arrayed against the investigators and seek to advance their own intrigues.

The Great Old Ones await. Who among you will be able to discover their secrets and survive to bear witness? 

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