Angel Fury (French)

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Angel Fury is a game of confrontation between the camps of good and evil with deck building and resource management mechanics. Take control of the forces of the good or the hordes of the evil and order powerful seraphs or ferocious tormentary.
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Welcome to the world of the unseen!
Armies of angels and demons clash in an epic battle over a human soul. While the forces of heaven try to influence for good, the demonic fallen angels strive to draw the soul into darkness and despair. In the realm of the spirital world, mighty angel warriors try to hold their positions against onstorming demons and tormentors, by seeking to break their defenses, or by taking control of valuable crystals and living water fountains to slowly turn the tide of war to their advantage. The mighty and mysterious 6-winged seraphs summon new angels to gain a foothold on the enemy´s flank. Meanwhile the archangels, God´s chosen messengers, move like lightning over the battlefield, commanding their forces, and bringing fear to the hosts of evil. The archdemons, false gods of the ancient world, no less cunning, rise up to meet them in battle. They all know the victory belongs to the wisest leader. Are you that leader?

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