Andor - La liberation de Chaumebourg (French)

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Andor: La Libération De Chaumebourg is a standalone taking place in the universe of Andor, the AS d'Or 2013 game. Allie your forces to release the castle of Chaumebourg from the creatures that took possession of it.
The creatures of evil have taken possession of Chaumebourg Castle. They're holding old King Brandur and his people hostage. It's up to you, the heroes of Andor, to retake the fortress and protect its inhabitants. We'll have to act quickly, as the dragon Tarok is on his way to the castle. If he reaches it, he'll burn it to the ground!
Andor : La Libération De Chaumebourg is a standalone game set in the universe of Andor, the game As d'or 2013.
Join forces to liberate Chaumebourg Castle from the creatures that have taken possession of it. Discover the hidden objectives that will allow you to scare them away. Using a map system that combines combat and tower defense, players will have to identify priorities and try to solve the objectives that will lead them to victory. 
Each turn, a new wave of enemies emerges and tries to stop you. You'll have to choose your actions wisely and position yourself correctly to retake Chaumbourg before the dragon arrives!
Andor : La Libération De Chaumebourg offers great replayability. Each hero is different and has his own characteristics. Semi-random placement. You'll never know which monsters and items are waiting for you in each place!
You can adapt the difficulty of the game according to the players around the table.
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