Alchimistes (French)

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In Alchimists, play as beginner alchemists leading a harsh competition to discover the secrets of this mystical art. This strategy, risk -taking and deduction game is accompanied by an application.
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Today I finally received my new cauldron. That's it, my lab is operational! I've been harvesting and drying ingredients for days... wondering which ones I'm going to mix to start! My intuition pushes me to mix raven feathers with a mandrake root, but since people swear by toad pustules… And heck, why listen to them? This is my laboratory, this is my research! I do as I want! As soon as I publish my theories, no one will look at me askance. I am determined to prove that I am the greatest genius in the history of alchemy. Now it's time to light my fire and get to work. Wealth, fame and knowledge are within my grasp, lurking somewhere in the dark bottom of this cauldron.

2 to 4 players will embody novice alchemists leading a fierce competition to discover the secrets of this mystical art.
Different paths will lead to victory, but publishing his Theories is certainly the best way to win... if they prove to be correct! And that's the whole problem...
Players acquire knowledge by mixing Ingredients and testing the results obtained using an application (on tablet or smartphone) allowing them to scan and recognize the game cards. They will gradually deduce how to make the Potions that they can sell to Adventurers . The Gold Coins thus earned can be used to buy magical Artifacts, very expensive indeed, but very powerful. The Reputation of the players will evolve according to their publications, but can also fall if their Theories prove to be erroneous. At the end of the game, the Reputation, the value of the Artifacts and the Subsidies obtained will be converted into Victory points. The player with the most Victory Points will be declared the winner.

Alchemists is a game of strategy, risk-taking and deduction. Will you take the time to push your experiments and verify your theories, or will you rush to publish to quickly gain reputation? Will you pay to confirm the latest toad theory, or save your money to buy an artifact? Does it really make sense to sell a potion to this heavily armed barbarian when you're not quite sure of its effects?
Make the right choices and prove to everyone that you are the greatest alchemist in the world.

This game is designed to be played using an application that turns your tablet or smartphone into an Ingredient card reader. This application is completely free. Compatible systems: iOS, Android, Windows..

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