Ahoy (French)

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Ahoy is a slightly asymmetrical game in which two to four players take on the role of privateers and soldiers seeking glory on the high seas.
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One player controls the Scaly Squadron, an army of sharks and sharp-toothed beasts, who maintain order with guns and swords. Another player controls the Union of Mollusks, an alliance of underwater creatures and loyal comrades, who fight to reclaim their home. In multiplayer games, some players control Smugglers, fringe captains who illegally deliver cargo to people in need...if they have the money to pay.

Explore the seas. As you play, you create a unique map filled with treasure, dangerous shipwrecks, and powerful sea currents, using luxury region tiles.

Developed by the same team as Root and Oath, Ahoy offers a deep, interactive game that's easy to play and learn, set in a colorful setting brought to life by Kyle Ferrin's stunning illustrations.

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