Aeon's End - Le vide (French)

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Aeon's End: The Void is an extension for Aeon's End basic boxes which presents two new Nemesis and two new unpublished mages. A new adventure for this cooperative deck-building.

New nemeses are appearing! Sent to attack what remains of Gravehold, two deadly creatures are storming the city! One of them is a monster of pure destruction, the other is a corrupted former ally. And when one of the Rift Mages succumbs to treachery, all of Gravehold finds itself in danger once again.

2 new Nemeses, 2 new mages and new spells, gems, relics and minions for a new Aeon's End adventure!

Will you be able to protect Gravehold from its own mages?

A new adventure for this cooperative deck-building

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