007 - Spectre the Board Game (English)

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007 Spectre is a competitive game for 2 to 4 players who embody the iconic James Bond villains.
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Are you here simply to acquire gold bars, or are your aspirations more Machiavellian, knowing that the world would be better off if you ran it?

Each villain has his own plot, inspired by films such as Dr. No (1962) and Diamonds Are Forever (1971), which leads him to become SPECTRE's number one.

007 Spectre includes iconic weapons, locations and characters from the James Bond films. You can assemble devices, spy on opponents, blackmail rivals to build your own criminal empire, and strategically deploy your agents around the world to infiltrate key facilities.

You'll need to work behind the scenes to develop your nefarious plans and become 007's greatest threat, so grab your Persian cat and call your favorite henchman to prepare your finest monologue - it's time to get down to business and start building that moon base and world-destroying megalaser!


  •         1 game board
  •         5 player boards
  •         4 villain counters
  •         4 henchman counters
  •         4 numbered rank holders
  •         4 Spectre tokens
  •         7 Majority tokens
  •         20 double-sided diagram tokens
  •         25 Gold tokens
  •         25 Action Plan tokens
  •         25 Intel tokens
  •         1 007 token
  •         80 agent cubes
  •         20 Mission cards
  •         30 Secret Plan cards
  •         2 007 dice
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