Ankh - Les dieux d'Égypte - Pharaon (French)

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The Pharaoh extension introduces a whole new dimension to Ankh: Gods of Egypt and approaches the divine struggle of the world of men, and of a particular man: the pharaoh of all of Egypt.
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The Pharaoh expansion introduces a whole new dimension to Ankh: Gods of Egypt.

This expansion brings the divine struggle closer to the world of men, and one man in particular: the Pharaoh of all Egypt! The gods will do well to send their priests into the royal palace in order to influence the affairs of the kingdom, manipulating the different offices in order to gain political advantage and steer the Pharaoh towards recognizing the ultimate divinity of the one true god. Your struggle may be divine, but if you fail to enforce your dominance over the human sphere of affairs, all that awaits you is oblivion.
The Pharaoh expansion comes with: 31 figures: 
  • 1 Golden Pharaoh figure 
  • 3 Ra Priest figures 
  • 3 Isis Priest figures 
  • 3 Amun Priest figures 
  • 3 Osiris Priest figures 
  • 3 Anubis Priest figures 
  • 3 Horus Priest figures 
  • 3 Hathor Priest figures 
  • 3 Set Priest figures 
  • 3 Thoth Priest figures 
  • 3 Bastet Priest figures
  • 1 Palace dashboard
  • 5 Sphinx tokens
  • 4 Sphinx cards
  • 40 Political cards
  • 1 Rules Booklet
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