Assassin's Creed - Brotherhood of Venice (English)

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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood of Venice is an adaptation of the famous Ubisoft franchise in the game of tactical and cooperative figurines! A dive into the exciting universe of video games.
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Join the brotherhood of assassins!

Through a 26-memoir campaign set in 1509 Venice, choose your Assassins based on their unique abilities, level up and unlock new skills for each of them!

Fight or stay incognito, evade your pursuers by climbing rooftops and towers, synchronize your actions, bribe your enemies, use hiding places to evade patrols, and activate secret mechanisms to change the structure of the levels!

At the end of each Memory, return to your lair to heal your wounds and grow your brotherhood's fame, or create new equipment!

This version includes the same scenarios as the Kickstarter version for a complete experience.

Materials include: 5 detailed Assassin figurines, 139 booths, 6 sealed envelopes, 41 tiles, and over 400 cards!

24 artists contributed to the illustration of the material and the creation of the miniatures.

The game also features a save system that allows the number of players to vary during the campaign: the difficulty level adjusts according to the number of participants.

Ready to take up the challenge?

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