Alchimistes - Le Golem du roi (French)

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The king's golem contains 4 extension modules for alchemists: departure funding, studious days, the royal encyclopedia and the Golem project. These extensions are presented in order of complexity.

Welcome to the world of alchemists!

But what are my colleagues doing? They have been locked in their laboratories for weeks, leaving only to go discreetly to the Royal Library. Would they, too, work to solve the enigma posed by the King? Idiots ! The formulas they are looking for in the Royal Encyclopedia were written by me! I'm the only one who knows the true nature of Mandrake Root, so I'll be the only one who can bring the King's Golem to life!

The King's Golem contains 4 expansion modules that can be combined in different ways: Starting Funding allows players to customize their initial resources. Studious Days modifies the start of each round. The Royal Encyclopedia offers a whole new way to publish your research. The Golem Project is a new deduction challenge. Can you bring this shapeless mass of clay to life?

Principle of the game:

The "King's Golem" expansion actually includes 4 expansions: With the Starting Funding expansion, players can customize the initial resources of their laboratories. The Studious Days expansion makes every round different by offering new rewards (and new costs!) for turn order slots. The Royal Encyclopedia offers you a whole new way to publish your research. Finally, with Project Golem, players attempt to bring a creature made of magic and clay to life.

These extensions are presented in order of complexity. Start-up funding and Studio Days are ideal for beginners. The Royal Encyclopedia will be more suitable for players already accustomed to the base game. The Golem Project will delight, meanwhile, experienced players wishing to complicate the progress of their deductions a little. The four extensions can be combined as you wish. Only the Golem Project requires including the Royal Encyclopedia as well. Most expansions use Grimoire tokens from The Royal Library. These tokens are presented on the next page.

Content :
1 rulebook
1 block of new deduction grids
12 Grimoire Tokens Starting Funding
20 starting cards
1 Studious Days “Replicator” Artifact card
18 turn order boards The Royal Encyclopedia
1 Encyclopedia board
1 Grant tile from the Encyclopedia
16 Ingredient tokens
8 Seals (2 of each color) The Golem Project
1 Golem Project Board
1 Contraband Artifact Board
1 Golem Study board
1 Final Scoring board
1 Progress Report tile
3 Conference tiles
8 King Mood tiles
4 Courtier Favor cards
1 "King's Seal" Artifact card
1 “Library” Artifact card
16 Amenity tokens
24 Report tokens (6 of each color)
4 Flask markers (1 of each color)

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