Agemonia (English)

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In a world filled with magical devices and strange beings, a delicate balance has reigned for centuries. The first portents of destruction are seen when a strange flood engulfs the city of Ambergate and a group of heroes are called on to save the day!
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Lunara is a Benemite knight on the run. Drenosh is on a path of revenge while Torrax seeks redemption. Venia is lured by the demonic powers of aox, and Zuva'Sai seeks an ancient artifact which would allow him to control his underwater homeland. Matajam has left his tribe to answer the call of the spirits while Jonai tries to solve the mystery of her origin.
Join them in an amazing world of magic and mystery, danger and beauty.

Agemonia is a fully co-operative board game with challenging, moral choices, set in an expansive storyline for 1-4 players.
Live your destiny, and become the mightiest of heroes — or the most despicable of villains — in this unforgettable adventure!

- Over 100 hours of gameplay per campaign.
- 38 scenarios with a blend of exploration, discovery, and fighting for your life!
- A Fail Forward system thatkeeps your campaign moving forwards.
- The unique Stamina chip system combines your stamina and health together, and managing these are key to success.

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