Hitster 2 - 100% franco (Multilingual) [PREORDER]

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Sing your favorite French songs with Hitster!
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Listen to over 100 years of memorable French hits, place them in chronological order on your musical timeline. The first player to correctly place 10 hits is crowned Hitster.

Songs that you like to sing, but can you position them correctly on your timeline? This edition is a standalone game, but can be combined with other versions of the Hitster game for even more fun.

How to play:

Place the cards in turn in chronological order on your musical timeline: the first player to correctly place 10 hits is crowned HITSTER.

HITSTER is the perfect game for an evening full of laughter, singing, dancing and sharing memories. Simply open the box, scan a song card and let the music do the rest to create an instant party. So what are you waiting for?

You don't need to know the exact year, just whether it falls before, after, or between the songs on your musical timeline. Your chances of winning increase if you can also name the artists and song titles.

How to play :

1. Draw a Music card and scan the QR code with the Hitster app to automatically play the song in Spotify. Place the Music card.

2. Guess the song's release date by placing it in the correct place on your music timeline.

3. Turn over the Music card. If the answer is correct, keep the card in your timeline.

Hitster requires a smartphone and an internet connection. For the best experience, use the Hitster app (free) and Spotify.

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