Ankh - Les dieux d'Égypte - Panthéon (French)

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The Pantheon extension introduces a brand new set of five Egyptian gods, each bringing their own capacities and warriors in the fight against nothingness.

The war of the gods did not begin with any formal declaration!

No side was designated, no event led to open war. Instead, it was a slow build-up of devotion to one god that increased, while the power of others decreased.

Some thought themselves above the fray, wiser, more knowledgeable, or immune to the whims of mortals. They were wrong.

Gods do not exist without followers, and devotion is their lifeblood, whether they want it or not. The tide of cosmic balance has shifted toward Men, and the gods who once enjoyed their unconditional respect must now fight to be in the forefront.

And so the last holdouts who sought to distance themselves from the battle have taken to the battlefield in an attempt to dominate. What began as a minor power struggle had attracted all the most powerful deities in the Egyptian pantheon.

The addition of new gods to the game not only gives new options to the player who controls them, but also changes the game for everyone around the table.

New strategies and dynamics emerge when different combinations of gods clash, and the Pantheon expansion increases these combinations exponentially!

This expansion requires the base game to be played.

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